Colleen R Dunning


A strategist and creative director with a passion for problem solving and demonstrated success in brand development, marketing, and growth management.

Interior of Award-Winning Modern Home


My work promotes a modern, hands-on design ethos. Across multiple channels (digital, broadcast, print, social), I drive business development and growth. My clients are partners in this effort, making each project a unique calling-card for the firm’s capabilities. I have worked with firms at various stages of evolution - from founders establishing their mark, to emerging talents scaling into industry leaders.


Exterior of Brutalist Concrete Building

creative DIRECTION

I work with a wide range of clients: architects, developers, media outlets, start-ups, and even politicians, joining creative talents with analytical skills to create opportunity. The intersection of design and business is where I thrive. A diverse skill set and a broad base of references ground my leadership of multidisciplinary teams to produce exceptional creative work.

Tile Mosaic by artist Charlie Harper


As a brand strategist, I am often called on at moments of change to identify and strengthen core values. For the merger of two distinct, storied architecture firms in Boston, I developed a fresh brand identity and marketing approach, and worked with the firm to refine a broad portfolio of 30 years of architectural experience, into areas of core expertise. 

Detail of Glass Facade of Award Winning Modern Building


How do we leverage our knowledge and resources as designers to positively impact our world? I am especially interested in the realm of urbanism, universal design, and emerging technologies. And at home, you can usually find me working in textiles in my makeshift studio.